Dairygold Baking Recipe Wall

  • When rolling out pastry, roll it between two sheets of cling film to prevent it sticking to worktop or rolling pin.

    Barbara Blake
  • Keep a bowl of water on the bottom shelf of oven when baking - the steam will keep cakes nice and moist.

    Gerard Jackson
  • Melt chocolate in the microwave in short bursts. It's much easier than over a pot of water where it's more likely to seize.

    Mary O'Riordan
  • In a pan, melt Dairygold & honey. Stir in salt & thyme leaves. Toss into popcorn. Satisfies a sweet or savoury craving!

    Emer Breen
  • If you have accidentally dropped a piece of egg shell into your mix - use another larger piece of egg shell to scoop it out, works everytime!

    Michelle O'Rourke

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