Dairygold Recipe Wall

  • Place 2 pork chops on a baking tray, add a dollop of Dairygold to each one and a crumbled chicken stock cube. Grill on medium heat yummy!

    Arelene Hickey
  • Melt Dairygold in a shallow pan and add halved bananas until golden. Serve with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate shavings.

    Fiona Breen
  • Use Dairygold when making the biscuit crumble of your banoffee pie. Simply crush digestive biscuits and add melted Dairygold ... Delicious!

    Edwina Elizabeth O'Connor
  • Add a big dollop of Dairygolf to chopped bacon and mushrooms on pan. Result: golden, crunchy and delicious.

    Attracta Curran
  • For easy french toast, mix eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla and soak bread in it. Melt Dairygold over it, bake and serve with maple syrup!

    Emer Breen

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