Spread the Goodness

Dairygold, made using natural ingredients, has so much goodness that when you taste it you can’t help but make the world a little bit ‘good-er’

One Magical Minute

Because Dairygold spreads straight from the fridge, you make a minute that can mean so much more.

Welcome to Micro-Volunteering

Micro-volunteering is exactly what it sounds like, a way for busy people to help others, in the time it takes to wait for a bus, stand in a queue or enjoy some toast with Dairygold. We partnered with six amazing organisations to bring Micro-Volunteering opportunities to the public, where you can complete small tasks that make up a larger project, without having to make any long-term commitment. And all in the time it takes to make your toast.

Our Campaign Ad

Make a minute to check out our campaign ad for Dairygold. 60 seconds of the Good Stuff made from over 2,500 submissions from members of the public. #MakeaMinute

What would you do with an extra minute?

We asked the people of Dublin: If you had an extra minute, what would you do with it?