Ireland is brimming with people who make a minute of the good stuff for others. They’re our volunteers, our helpers - our straight-up do-gooders! So, we thought we’d hit the road to meet them in person and find out more about what they do over a cup of tea and some Dairygold on toast.

And we’re doing it in style (at least we think), in our trusty Roller Toaster: Our lean, green toasting machine. Low torque, minimum drag, maximum spreadability!

Next Stop
21st August
Jigsaw, Dublin,
Dublin City Centre

Doing Good, Feeling Great

One thing we’ve learned on the road is that there’s more to volunteering than helping others. Doing good makes people feel good. In fact, most volunteers we’ve met tell us they benefit as much as the recipient.

We thought we’d put this to the test. Three individuals, three personal predicaments, three volunteering organisations. Can a few weeks of doing good do them good?

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