Ireland is brimming with people who make a minute of the good stuff for others. They’re our volunteers, our helpers - our straight-up do-gooders! So, we thought we’d hit the road to meet them in person and find out more about what they do over a cup of tea and some Dairygold on toast.

And we’re doing it in style (at least we think), in our trusty Roller Toaster: Our lean, green toasting machine. Low torque, minimum drag, maximum spreadability!


Doing Good, Feeling Great

One thing we’ve learned on the road is that there’s more to volunteering than helping others. Doing good makes people feel good. In fact, most volunteers we’ve met tell us they benefit as much as the recipient.

We thought we’d put this to the test. Three individuals, three personal predicaments, three volunteering organisations. Can a few weeks of doing good do them good?

Find out in our 3-part series ‘Doing Good, Feeling Great'.

Episode Three - Charlie

“I was actively seeking a challenge, something that would give me a bit of purpose in life." See how Charlie found that and more volunteering with Special Olympics Ireland

Episode Two - Sue & Chris

Sue and Chris put volunteering to the test to see if it not only helped others, but made them feel good too. Have a look at their journey with our Rollertoaster driver Henry McKean.

Episode One - Mekale

Our Dairygold Rollertoaster driver Henry McKean meets Mekale to put volunteering to the test! Does doing good really make you feel good?

Last week on the Good Stuff Tour

It’s been a jam-packed few weeks on the Dairygold Roller Toaster. So many volunteers, so many ways to have a cup of tea. The more we travel, the more we see just what an impact volunteers make on this country. We’ve met athletes, musicians, surfers, doctors, vets, therapists - you name it, there are people doing it for the good of it. And every single one of these volunteers sing the same tune: Doing good makes them feel good. Just ask our test subjects Mekale, Sue, Chris and Charlie. They embarked on a new challenge to volunteer, and they all had different things they wanted out of it. Whether it was to meet new people, strengthen relationships or find purpose in retirement, they all found volunteering to be remarkably fulfilling. I’m pleased to say I’ve found our little Roller Toaster adventure very fulfilling as well. It’s been an honour to be part of it and to get to meet so many people who truly make a minute for the good stuff. Thanks for hitting the road with us. Henry.
Last week on the Good Stuff Tour

Week 2

Life on the Dairygold Rollertoaster road has been good to me so far. Zero flat tyres, endless cups of tea and lovely people every stop of the way. I have to say it’s been an inspiring couple of weeks. These days people seem to have less time than ever, but the volunteers I’ve met have shown me that there is always time, there is always a minute for the good stuff. The women volunteering at Knitted Knockers are testament to that! Before I set off on the Tour de Toast, I read up on some articles about volunteering claiming that making time to do something good for other people actually makes you feel good. Win win! I was intrigued to find out if the volunteers we met along the way felt that this was true. They did. In spades. All of the volunteers agreed that it feels good to give something back, but when I spoke to people one on one, you could see that it goes beyond that. It gives people a sense of purpose, self and belonging…and it really just makes them feel good! Have a look at the interviews with some of volunteers we’ve met so far to find out a little more. Ok, time for another cup of tea and a slice of Dairygold toast and off I go! Henry
Week 2 follow our journey

Week One

So there I was today, driving a giant toaster on wheels around Dublin. Why? I was asked to take the wheel of Dairygold’s Roller Toaster, which has just embarked on a tour around the country, to share some tea and toast with the people who make a minute for others - Ireland’s volunteers. Sounds good so far. But it’s the little experiment that Dairygold is conducting that really piqued my interest. Most people who volunteer claim it changes them. They’ll often say they get more out of it than those they’re helping. In fact, there’s a growing body of science on it. Studies show that giving up time to help others can make you feel healthier and less stressed. There’s even talk of doctors prescribing volunteering! Dairygold wanted to put notion this to the test. Does doing good really make you feel good? So they’ve found three people who have never volunteered before to be their guinea pigs, and give it a go to see exactly how it benefits them. Could volunteering be what the doctor ordered for these guys? I guess we’re about to find out! Who knew bringing toast and Dairygold to volunteers could be such fun. Henry McKean
Week One follow our journey

Meet Our Host, Henry McKean

You know Henry. He put himself through childbirth for an experiment, and got to the heart of Traveller life in a documentary. We’ve put him behind the wheel of the Roller Toaster to help us find out if volunteering really is as beneficial as the experts say. He’ll go deep with our participants to find out why they wanted to get involved in volunteering and explore how doing good can make them feel good. Keep up to date on his travels with his blog here.
Meet Our Host, Henry McKean follow our journey
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